Frequently asked questions

Choosing a domain name tells your customers who you are. It’s the first step in establishing your online presence. It should be simple, short, concise and end with the proper extension for your organization (.com, .net, .org, etc.). Once you choose a domain, your hosting company (the domain name registrar) will register the domain for you. You will pay a fee each year to keep the domain registered, usually under $20 a year, and sometimes free with your hosting account. The hosting company/registrar is required to report your personal information to the public directory, WHOIS. Because this often used by hackers and spammers to compile mailing list, we recommend asking your hosting provider about privacy protection service. Need help? We can walk your through the process – Contact Us today!

A web host is a company who stores your websites files on servers connected to a network. When someone views your website, the internet connects to server maintained by your host company, then transfer the website back to visitor’s computer. It’s important to have a good, reliable web hosting company maintaining your files. Be sure to research and understand the company’s up-time, page load speeds, and customer service response times. Transform Web Design also offers premium hosting setup services without worry or hassle. Contact Us for peace of mind!

Web design covers everything related to the visual aspects of your website. This included the layout, navigation, images, videos, color scheme, graphic design, content, typography, and more. Web design is what your visitors see when they visit your website. Web design is the appearance of your website. Web development includes the coding, programs, plugins, and database working behind the scene, that are integrated into your website to make it fully functional. Our website services include both design and development of your new website!

Don’t forget about maintenance to keep your website running efficiently. A website is composed of integrated technology that makes your website run efficiently. This technology needs periodic updating for a variety of reasons including security updates. Your Content Management System (CMS), plugins, and programs will need to be updating as required by each component. It’s also a good idea to keep an eye on website backups, hosting, and domain registration. And let’s not forget about content, content, content! Adding content keeps your visitors interested and is good for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Google rewards websites that are updated frequently. Do you need help adding new content, updating existing content, or approving comments? We offer one-on-one training sessions for the Do It Yourselfers. And we provide ongoing support and monthly maintenance packages and for those Outsourcers who want peace of mind. Contact Us for a Free Quote now!